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Save Rainwater

Save Rainwater

Now that the monsoon has deluged the country, assuring us of another good harvest, few of us, particularly those in big cities where water tables are rapidly depleting and which do not have the advantage of sitting on a river bed, need to turn to harvesting rainwater. That too on a war footing and in individual capacity. The most common, easiest and low cost mechanism is, of course, rooftop collection, channelising the runoff through pipes, tubes and filter and stored in a reserve tank or sump. Treated it can be consumed, or else happily used for external uses on water-scarce days. But personalised barrels and drums with fitted pumps are making a comeback in swanky avatars, with Bengaluru residents installing them in balconies and open areas, making them a part of the decor and surrounding them with foliage.

While the community effort goes into recharging water wells, you can collect enough water for nurturing your garden. Because remember, rain water is free of minerals and chemicals that are found in treated water and is best for your flora. It is for the same reason that it rinses off stubborn muck and molds off exterior walls — so time to give your facade a scrub down as it eliminates pollen and house bugs. Because it is chemical-free, barrel rainwater can be diverted to toilet flush use and cleaning, shining up tiles and fixtures too. Always use collected rainwater to wash laundry because it is low in minerals and keeps your clothes breathing. This recycle drill doesn’t cost much time or effort. But imagine the gallons of supply water you can save for dry days ahead with just a bit of mindfulness. Bengaluru is staring at Day Zero. Let other metros self-correct before such prospect arises.




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