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In India, more women are now delivering babies in hospitals, which has brought down the number of women dying  during childbirth in the country. As per recently released data by the office of the Registrar General of India, the maternal mortality rate (MMR) declined to 130 in 2014/16 from 167 in 2011/13.

MMR is defined as the number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births. The causes range from excessive blood loss (post-partum hemorrhage) to infections, primarily because women do not give birth in a hospital or health centre. The major cause, post-partum hemorrhage is usually defined as the loss of more than 500-1,000 ml of blood within the first 24 hours following childbirth.

Speaking about this, Dr KK Aggarwal, former president, Indian Medical Association , said: “Death during childbirth is very common in the absence of accessibility to adequate and quality healthcare. This is truer in case of rural women. Immediate medical attention is crucial for  saving lives of women and preventing complications in newborns. Anemia in pregnancy is one of the top causes of maternal mortality in India and an issue that needs urgent action.There are three types of anemia that can develop in a pregnant woman: iron-deficiency, folate deficiency, and Vitamin B 12 deficiency anemia. While it is normal to have mild anemia during pregnancy, more serious symptoms can indicate trouble and should be addressed at the earliest.”

Some of the symptoms of pregnancy-related anemia include pale skin and nails; tiredness; shortness of breath; rapid heartbeat; and trouble in concentrating. Many of these symptoms are also normal in any pregnancy and only a routine blood test will be able to clarify whether one has anemia.



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