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The rains are here and with it several health problems including foot infections and smelly feet caused by dirty rain water. ROSHANI DEVI shares a few home remedies that can help you

While we wait with baited breath God the rains, it does bring is share of problems — especially when you live in a city like Delhi. Waterlogging is the least  of our worries. The problem arises when you get foot infection because you have waded through dirty rain water to either reach home or office. Here are a few quick-fix solutions.

Rule No. 1. While it is nice to see children play in the rain ensure that they do so at home — in the garden or the terrace and not on the streets where there is dirty water.

if your feet get wet make sure that you wipe them dry properly especially between the toes.

Buy footwear for the rainy months. They should not only be comfortable but your feet should have room to breathe. Wearing footwear that is closed  that lead to fungal infection if the shoe gets wet.

Rule No. 2. The first thing to do when you reach from office is to wash your feet with soap. Dry the feet properly. Cut the nails so that dirt doesn’t get accumulated in them.

Rule No. 3. Go for pedicure. One can do this at home as well. Soak your feet in warm water mixed with sea salt, rose water or essential oils for 10-15 minutes. Remove dead cells with the pumice stone. Wipe with clean dry towel and apply moisturiser.



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