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Doctors at Indraprashtha Apollo Hospitals successfully performed a complicated and critical surgery to save the life of a one-year-old Tanzanian baby boy, Fravianous. The boy had a rare congenital heart disease called Hemitruncus. He was operated upon by a team of doctors — Dr Muthu Jothi, senior consultant, paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr AK Ganjoo, senior consultant, cardiology, Dr Deepa Sarkar, consultant, paediatric cardiac anesthetist.

Explaining the case Dr. Muthu Jothi said: “When we first saw the patient we knew that this will be a high-risk surgery but we decided to go ahead and operate as the child would not survive without it. A normal heart has four chambers and four valves. In this case, the patient had no right lung and no blood vessel going to the right lung.  He had only left lung and the left pulmonary artery arising from the aorta. The patient also had a big hole in the heart. Normally the oxygen saturation levels are around 95-100 but as the child had recurring chest infections came in with a saturation of 35.”

“Doctors are considered no less than God. My son has got a second life when they saved my little boy,” Dativa, mother of the patient, said.

Giving further details, Dr Jothi said, “In order to treat the disorder, we first closed the hole in patient’s heart. We detached the left lung blood vessel coming from the aorta and then between the left lung blood vessel and right side of the heart we engrafted a tube. The tube was made up of cow’s veins. As the patient had only one lung, he will take time to recover. The patient needs to be on medication for some time and needs proper care as he just has one lung to perform all the functions,” Dr Jothi added.



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