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Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

One out of every two persons in India faces some or the other type of Anxiety disorder. It may vary from mild to severe

Anxiety disorder is a constant feeling of worry or fear. Dr Sanyal, points out that there are different types of anxiety disorders. “Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) has no triggers, people feel anxious all the time. Whereas Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) triggers due to any social event or a phobia too. Anxiety is something everybody feels, it becomes a disorder when it starts interfering with one’s daily life,” he says.


It could be situations, people or places they don’t like or feel nervous about something. Or it could be medical reasons, genetic issues or psychological causes including dysfunctional thought patterns.


Shortness of breath, frequent urination, fatigue, elevated heartbeat and sweating, restlessness, hands and feet becoming cold and shaking are some common symptoms. A person under stress gets irritated quickly on petty issues and sometimes goes completely blank.

Though a person having anxiety disorder may not be aware of the symptoms immediately. it is their body that will give them an indication. Also, many people do not know what their fear is. “Severe anxiety creates a panic attack which feels like one is getting a heart attack,” Dr Sanyal explains.


The most important thing while dealing with anxiety is the trigger. Through counselling, psychotherapists try to find out the cause. Medication is, however, not necessary as anxiety can be dealt through psychotherapy.

Lifestyle change

Stay away from stressful situations. Do not consume any sugary item if you feel anxious. Have a proper sleep cycle. You should share your thoughts with your closed friend or family member and become more active physically. Learn to relax.



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