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Get monsoon ready

Get monsoon ready

This monsoon, keep waterborne diseases at bay by building up your immunity by eating right and following smart workouts at home, says Payal Kothari

With the arrival of monsoon season in North India, start gearing up to build your immune system to protect yourself from deadly water born diseases like malaria, dengue, typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, viruses, flus and many other illnesses. Now is the time to prep your immunity just before the monsoons so you can enjoy the season without getting sick. Avoiding a few foods during this season can help you steer off many health problems. Here is what you can avoid and incorporate in your meal:

Foods to avoid

  • Raw leafy greens: Avoid eating raw leafy and green vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and spinach especially in restaurants. They are home to many harmful germs in this weather. If you have to use them for their nutrients then make sure they are thoroughly washed and cooked.
  • Previously peeled or cut fruit: Never eat a peeled fruit or previously cut fruit as flies are carrier of many viruses and infectious diseases.
  • No seafood: Monsoon is a breeding season for seafood. So avoid eating seafood to prevent yourself from any kind of infections and allergies.
  • Outside water: Carry your filtered boiled water around. If you must drink outside water then make sure it’s a clean reliable source and the  glasses are also washed well and bone dry.

Foods to fight allergies

  • Ginger & turmeric warm tea: The antiseptic anti-inflammatory properties of ginger and turmeric anytime during the day can keep your immunity strong and keep the sniffles at bay. 
  • Traditional badaam ka sheera: Enjoy traditional sheera made in pure desi ghee as it is easily digested than other heavy oils. One  tablespoon a day is just right.
  • Monsoon fruit: Make sure you eat seasonal hydrating fruits which have ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and retinol  to keep your immunity high. Eat freshly cut  papaya, peaches, pears, plums and bananas to build up your stamina.

Work out regularly

Along with foods, workouts can also be restrictive. Commuting to the gym or reaching a park could be challenging because of flooding and traffic jams. So a smart workout at home on your own floor or a quick run followed by some yoga asanas and stretches in your garden are  smarter ways to get your workout in place. A fun high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout comprising of burpees, jumping jacks, on the spot jogging and mountain climber could be effective without getting stuck in traffic or floods. Make sure you use a firm slip proof mat to workout on.

Nothing feels better than sitting by your window peacefully sipping a warm cuppa, listening to the pitter patter of the rains  giving off that fresh earthy smell. But monsoons can be enjoyed to the fullest only if you are fit and healthy and your immunity is at its peak to protect  you from dreadful diseases. So be healthy and wise this monsoon. Make  sure you enjoy the view and are able to smell the wet muddy fragrance feeling fit and healthy without sniffing on tissues or disdainfully from a hospital bed window. 

The writer is Integrative Nutritionist and Life Coach



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