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10-day Backstage Craft Oriented Workshop underway

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In the 10-day Backstage Craft Oriented Workshop by the Vihaan Socio Cultural Welfare Society, participants are rehearsing the drama 'Story of an Untitled Canvas' these days. The workshop is being held at Arushi premises.

The drama is being prepared in abstract style and 30 artists are sharing the platform from stylizing properties, stage and music with original plot. The artists will be seen in total 18 scenes of the drama, from practice of staging, blocking, dialogue and acting according to the property, light position.

Besides, all the exercises beyond the platform beyond practice, costume, property, positioning of the set, music are done by the artists.

 Under the guidance of Hemant Deolekara artists Tejswita Anant, Vaishali Pal, Srishti Bhagwat, Annapurna Chauhan and Navin Sharma are working on the music composition, in which software-based music and effects are being practiced with drum, kahon, percussion, harmonium, melodica, chatting bowl.

Moreover, under the guidance of Saurabh Ananta, the performers of stage and stage-out are doing discipline related to set sets, lights and stages.

Shweta Keetkar has created stage material in accordance with the drama, in which the story of the drama will be hair styling of the contents of the Expression Method - diary, pen, brush and characters according to the plot.

This event is being organised under the work of 'Theatrics-18' from February 6 to 16. The play structure and construction process is also being shared with play rehearsals.

This play has been written and directed by Sudeep Sohni. This play selected for the year 2017-18 under the Art Culture Development Plan of the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, will be staged in the Gandhi Bhavan Auditorium on Thursday i.e. February 15.




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