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16th World Sound Healing Day observed at Bhopal

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The 16th World Sound Healing Day was observed with the children of Arushi with a lot of fervour A special programme ‘Heart Chakra Meditation’ was organised here on Wednesday.

Arti Sinha from Wizard of Sound invited children for the programme. The programme was organized to let the children understand the meanings of compassion and love. This was first ever programme of its kind.

The activity was done with the use of sacred singing bowls and gongs. Children felt the sounds of Bowls and chanted ‘OM’ and ‘AH’ with the sound. They were told to laugh together and be happy and also to spread the smiles all over the world.

Talking about the event, Arti Sinha said, “The purpose of World Sound Healing Day is to send love vibrations to heal the planet, heal the water and raise our consciousness. Let people understand how important unconditional love is. The Universe is music and everything is vibration. These Sacred tones of AH produced by group Singing Bowls Gongs and our heart  chakra  will affect our consciousness, shifting and changing of brainwave and will bring us into attainment with the universe.”

She further said, “Sound seems to help focus the energy of our consciousness and our prayers. On a personal level , we’ve found that projections of positive, loving energy are more effective when they’re accompanied by sound such as a vowel or mantra like ‘Ah’ or ‘Om’.”

The children enjoyed the day and enthusiastically participated in the programme. Aarti while sharing her experience said, “It was a wonderful day spent and was one of the best days of my life.”




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