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‘A post has no importance to a saint’

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Bhaiyyu Maharaj had refused the government's offer, saying ‘a post has no importance to a saint’. Lacerated by the opposition, the state government justified the controversial move saying the gurus were made ministers to facilitate their work as members of a committee for the conservation of the river Narmada.

Popular mainly in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the guru announced in 2016 that he would give up public life. Scores of his supporters were seen outside the hospital where he was taken.

Last year, Bhaiyyu Maharaj married Ayushi Sharma, a doctor. His first wife died two years before.

"We are sad. Why did he have to commit suicide? A probe is necessary. We don't know what happened," said Computer Baba, another Madhya Pradesh based spiritual leader recommended for a ministerial post by the state government.




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