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Baap Wali Baat: A play on fatherhood

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Becoming parent is one of the joyous moments for not only mothers but also fathers. Usually people talk about ‘Motherhood’, but ever wondered what thought process a father goes through. Ansh Happiness Society is organizing an event on fatherhood ‘Baap Wali Baat’ on Wednesday.

The event is organized to celebrate the fatherhood of new fathers. Ansh Happiness Society in association with UNICEF is organising a get together to mark the significance of Father’s day on Wednesday. The event is happening at Rainbow Treat, Shahpura, Bhopal from 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm. The basic idea is to bring together parents and expertise on parenting together to have a dialogue on how a father could contribute on sculpting of a child’s brain to the optimum. This will be an interesting session for the fathers as the music and poetry sessions are also included at the event. It is known that first 1000 days are very important not only for the child but also the mother. The session on fatherhood will emphasizes on the role played by fathers during these first 1000 days. The role of fathers in the upbringing of their child will be the highlight of the event.

Expert Vandana Bhatia from UNICEF will also be the part of the session. She will highlight about the importantce of first 1000 days and what should be taken care of during these days.

Co-founder of Ansh Happiness Society, Mohsin Khan said, “The supreme agenda of the session to bring to light the first 1000 days and also how much a father is responsible in taking care of his child during these days.” Mohsin further said, “This platform is organised to celebrate the fatherhood. New father who have a 3 year old child will share their experiences and we should create such spaces for fathers.”




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