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Chouhan has forgotten his responsibilities, says Ajay

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Leader of Opposition in the state assembly Ajay Singh has alleged that to target victory in elections Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has forgotten his responsibility as a Chief Minister that he has to perform his rajdharma.

He said that CM Chouhan who claimed to reprimand officials shirking duties has gone against his claims and penalized those who are working in the state. Ajay Singh alleged that CM Chouhan instead of working on financial crisis faced by the state he is dreaming of claiming victory in the upcoming assembly elections.

The BJP raised objections when the state was termed as rape state but the cases of rapes with women, girls and minors which have been reported daily from all parts of the state including state capital which is disgracing the state in the country never makes BJP disgraceful.

The NCRB report which is under Government of India has statics which makes the state number one which is damaging the image of the state but it does not bothers BJP and instead of addressing these issues of grave seriousness Chief Minister and Home Minister are busy in planning campaigns, yatras and election meetings and Chief Minister is spending extravagantly instead of controlling the worsening the financial condition of the state. Meanwhile, he alleged that CM Chouhan claims that negligence in work by officials would be punished but an officer in Public Works Department in Chindwara was imposed a penalty by stopping his three increments after he constructed good roads.

Principal Secretary Public Work Department (PWD) Manish Rastogi was removed after he surfaced e- tender scam.




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