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Creative summer camp 'Nannhe Kalam Se' held

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A state-level creative summer camp 'Nannhe Kalam Se' is being organised at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum. The summer camp began from Monday wherein the creative young minds are showcasing their talent.

The Summer Camp is one of the unique camps of the city. During the camp, the meritorious students of the government schools from every district of the State can participate and display their distinctive talents. But, the entire presentation should be in Hindi. The participants in this camp are reciting their poems, stories and other compositions in Hindi.

This summer camp is being organized for the meritorious students from every district of the state with 'Nanhe Kalam Se’. These are the students who had achieved excellent place at the district and state level in the past festive festival. In addition, the children of the children's book 'Gulk', being published by the State Education Center, are also participating in this summer camp.

It is worth mentioning that in the year 2017-18, a story festivital was held from the level of the state with the view to develop pleasant atmosphere in the primary and secondary schools of the state, to make classroom teaching interesting and effective and to improve the reading capacity of the students.

With this in view of providing a platform for the creativity of children this summer camp is being organized from this year for the promotion of these child talent and inspiration for other children in this episode.

The camp Nanhe Kalam se will continue till May 18. In this five-day summer camp, children from every region of the state will be familiar with the ever new dimensions and will get the skill of Hindi language in recreational ways. They will also visit many scenic places of Bhopal and also know his historical and scientific significance.





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