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Dedh Inch Upar: A play on emotions staged

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A play that evokes human emotions ‘Dedh Inch Upar’ was staged at Mayaram Srijan Bhavan here on Thursday. The play marked the ongoing theatre workshop Unchain Your Actor, organised by Bhoomika Theatre Troupe.

The play was directed by two young theatre playwrights Kamakshi and Ankita. The solo play was beautifully performed by the actor of Abhinay theatre troupe and student of Indian Theatre Academy, Lucknow Shubham Sahu.

The play is written by Nirmal Verma that tells a story of a man – one of the many lives impacted by Second World War. A story unfolds with a common man who was living a simple married life until one day suddenly from nowhere his wife was arrested by Gestapo for Anti-Nazi activities leaving no clue for him about her past and present.

Today after 15 years, while he is sitting in a Bar he takes a swing in past and through many beautiful memories; he is still searching answers to many unanswered questions.

The play begins with an old gentleman entering a murky bar with a hat on his head puffing a cigar. Having been traumatised by the loss of his wife who was killed by the Gestapo police during WWII on charges of carrying illegal chits, the man romanticises his inevitable situation of actually not seeing his wife die. Set in the backdrop of 1960 Europe, the man reminisces about the traumatic events of his life.

He tells the audience about his story as he refills his glass of beer at the bar. The play is very much reminiscent of the post-war trauma after the World War II.

It was beautifully presented and through the presentation the theatre aspirants too learnt many features about acting a solo play.




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