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‘Dhoke Se Punya’, ‘Kissa Dosti Ka’ staged at Shaheed Bhavan

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Two Hindi plays ‘Dhoke Se Punya’ and ‘Kissa Dosti Ka’ were staged at Shaheed Bhavan auditorium here on Tuesday. The plays were performed marking the first day of Bal Natya Samaroh at Shaheed Bhavan.

The two day Bal Natya Samaroh is being organised by Children’s Theatre Academy Bhopal. The plays were prepared during a theatre workshop that concluded on Monday at Gandhi Bhavan. As many as 60 children theatre aspirants have participated in Bal Natya Samaroh and presenting the creative skills before the Bhopalites.

The first play ‘Dhoke Se Punya’ is written by Rajendra Sharma aka ‘Akshar’ and is directed by a young theatre aspirant Megha Thakur. Megha is a class 12 students and has been working with Arghya Kala Samiti since 2013.

The play was about a cruel dacoit. All the villagers and even the police administration were troubled by this dacoit. He murdered people and also looted their house. Everyone was so upset that they wanted him to be hanged by the judiciary. But, he had a habit of planting tress wherever he finds a place.

One day the dacoit was encountered by the police and he died on the spot. He reaches Yamlok wherein he meets Yamraj. Keepin in view his habit of planting trees, Yamraj brings him to life again. In this second life, the dacoit was a good person and tried to help out people.

The next play Kissa Dosti Ka is about two friends Lappu and Jhappu. The entire village was jealous because of their friendship. One day Lappu and Jhappu’s fathers went to a tantric to ask a solution for this.

The tantric called Lappu and mumbled in his ear. Jhappu asked him what did he say and Lappu denied that he said nothing. Jhappu did not believe him and their friendship breaks. Later Jhappu realize that Lappu was just saying the truth.




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