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Digital payment is becoming easier day by day: SBI

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The State Bank of India (SBI) on Tuesday said that digital Payment is becoming easier day by day. The BHIM Aadhar Pay SBI is the easiest mode of the cashless transaction. Because of this payment platform consumers (buyers) donot required card or mobile. They can pay at any shop by using their thumb impression only.

In a statement, the SBI stated that Aadhar Pay is the Merchant Payment Platform and a consumer (buyer) is expected to key in his/her Aadhar number and perform a Bio-metric authentication to pay digitally. This app has been developed by NPCI. SBI has introduced BHIM Aadhar SBI (Touch & Pay) on NPCI’s Platform and planning to distribute more than 20,000 devices under rental model in the State.

BHIM-Aadhaar-SBI is a digital payment acceptance solution from State Bank of India which enables an SBI merchant to accept payments for goods/services using his Android smartphone and fingerprint reader, from customers having Aadhaar seeded bank accounts, by authenticating the customer's biometrics. The transaction will be interoperable in nature allowing any other participating bank customer to also transact on the application.

The features of the App include- accept real time payments directly to your account- No need to spend time to deposit cash into your account. Escape from hassles of receiving payments in cash - No risk of forged notes Get transaction reports and keep track of your business and Card-less transactions: All that the consumer needs is his Aadhaar number.




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