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Hima Bindu performs Kuchipudi at Shaheed Bhavan

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The Bhopalites witnessed one of the most graceful classical dances of the country Kuchipudi in a live performance by the Kuchipudi exponent Hima Bindu Kanoj.

She performed along with her troupe in city on Monday at Shaheed Bhavan auditorium. The dancers presented the performance under an event organized by Kaivalya Cultural and Arts Academy, Bhopal. Hima Bindu Kanoj hails from Hyderabad and is considered as one of the pioneers of Kuchipudi dance.

Hima Bindu Kanoj is practicing Kuchipudi since she was seven years old. She is the disciple of Guru PB Krishna Bharati and also refined her skills under the guidance of eminent exponents of Kuchipudi.

The precise blend of grace, expression and dance is what one has to say when Hima Bindu performs.  Her fleet-footed footwork and immaculate expressions leave her audience spell-bound. Her zeal, determination and extreme hard work has enabled her overcome many obstacles and today, she has carved a niche for herself.

Besides, Kuchipudi dance defines the purity of years’ old tradition and both the dancers with their spell binding performance showcased the ancient traditions of the country through the classical moves.

The artists began the performance with Natyashastra Slokas. Their performance was followed with the flawless performances. Through expressive expressions and wondrous abhinay the dancers were able to captivate the interest of the audience.

The artists then performed Jatis. The next performance Gajaananayutam Ganeshwaram was a composition of Mutthuswami Deekshitar which was all about the praises of Lord Ganesha.

Their back-to-back wondrous performances enthralled the audience as she began tapping her feet on the floor as each performance was presented with perfect expressions and matching footwork was appreciable. The artists wrapped up their show Cheliye Kunjanamo.




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