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Hindi play ‘Aakar’ staged at Shaheed Bhawan

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A Hindi play ‘Aakar’ was staged at Shaheed Bhavan here on Thursday. With the message that the person dies, but the thoughts and perceptions live forever the play was liked by the audience.

Directed by a renowned theatre director of the city KG Trivedi the play was wondrously performed by the artists of Trikarshi theatre troupe, Bhopal. The play shares the reality of life which is usually forgotten by people.

The play harshly describes the brutal reality of life and society. It sends out a message that a person can die but his perceptions live forever. The way the play was presented was commendable.

At the beginning of this play, four people are planning the murder of a person and one of them is suspected of doing this act, he talks of thinking about the other three persons once again. The doubtful youth is made to represent the person who has to be killed. All the other three persons are given different roles.

One of them plays the role of a judge and another person plays the witness, while the third person is the prosecutor. Then the action of accusation, reciprocity, defense and looting begins.

One by one, those principles, ideas and sacrifices are presented in the form of prosecution, which used to be used for the benefit of society and nation. These are the ideas of a person who is to be killed. All these baseless allegations are lost before the truth, but unlike the code, the judge only hears the pre-decided verdict and that person is murdered.

At the end of the drama, the doubt was presented by giving the physical form of ideas, which proves that a body can be killed but not the ideas.




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