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Hindi play Prem Patanga that talks love staged at Bharat Bhavan

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A Hindi play Prem Patanga that talks about love and its complexities was staged at Bharat Bhavan on Tuesday.

 It is love story of protagonist of Krishna Murari who hails from Varanasi. He belongs to a middle class family and is pursuing Journalism from Delhi University.

He falls in love with his classmate Vedika who also hails from Varanasi from first semester. But he is unable to express his love to her. He shares his feelings with friends who used to give many tricks to him for expressing love. But these tricks are used in dream only by him.

Now, he reached in fourth semester. One side he has pressure of making career by getting good job and other hand expressing and getting his love. Finally he gifts a book ‘Mother’ by Maxim Gorky to Vedika on her Birthday including love letter. And he began to wait her reply.  One day, Vedika calls him to inform that she got offer letter for job and also says my marriage has been fixed.

She comes to return his book to him. Finally he expresses his love when she comes to returnthe book. Then, she says that she knows about this and wants to listen from him. The play ends with happy notes and a song. 

 The play begins with a song Prem patang ud jaye…’ and ends wit ‘Oh ho Sajani  mai kaise kahu I Love u…’.

 Directed by Sourabh Anant, conceptualized by Shwta Ketkar and the play was enacted by the artists of Vihaan Theatre Group, Bhopal wonderfully.

Symbolic and suggestive sets were used. Songs and musicwere used in Bhojapuri and tumri style which was important part of play.

Talking about play Saurabh said, “It sends out the message that to see dream is not enough, we have to try to get it anything ether in case of job or love. Jack can’t help you. The play deals with two issues love and unemployment which are treated by humorous manner ”  




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