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‘I Am An Artist’ organised at Swaraj Bhavan

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Artist Ritu Khoda said, “Art enriches our lives by developing self-esteem, self-awareness and self-confidence. It provides opportunities to explore feelings and alternative ways of knowing and thinking.”

Notably, a workshop ‘I Am An Artist’ was organised here on Wednesday at Swaraj Bhavan. Organised by Art1st Foundation, Mumbai and Eklavya, the workshop was conducted by artists Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai.

The workshop was all about art activities of primary and middle school. As many as 40 teachers from various schools and voluntary organisations participated in the workshop.Talking about the initiative, Ritu said, “At a time when the core subjects of the curriculum take precedence in our schools, it is crucial that teachers are aware of the unique contribution art makes to the development of the child.”

“Education in art opens the doors to observation, expression of ideas and feelings, the ability to transform materials into images and objects, and builds awareness of the work of artists, crafts-workers and designers.”

She further said, “It is also a scenario that the children are not at all aware of the Indian artists and their works. This workshop helped the teachers to make connectivity with children’s work and also they get to know how to open the doors of their creativity.”

Through the workshop, the teachers were made aware of how art can be used as an education tool. Also an art gallery on Raza’s work was created over which an intense discussion was held. The teachers also shared their view points and experiences, which was a part of visual literacy.

Followed with the workshop a book ‘Bindu’ was launched on the life and works of SH Raza. The book was released by artist Akhilesh and is published by Eklavya a voluntary organization, Bhopal.

Talking about the book, Ritu said, “This is the first series of our books on Modern Indian Progressive artists and their works. It is focused on SH Raza and his world of art.”

The book has been developed as a self-reading-cum-activity book for primary school children. It has many creative projects that take the reader into the world of Raza’s art.“There is a very little literature in art for children.

So, we have taken the initiative to make children aware about the real art from the beginning.”




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