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Kuchipudi dance event held at Shaheed Bhavan auditorium

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With the praises of Lord Ganesha, began the scintillating Kuchipudi dance. A fine evening was well spent by the arts and cultural lovers of the city. Renowned Kuchipudi dancer Hima Bindu Kanoj along with her troupe presented an enthralling performance before the Bhopalites.

The cultural event of Kuchipudi dance and Ballet was held on Tuesday at Shaheed Bhavan auditorium. The event was organized by Chaitanya Socio Cultural Society marking the conclusion of three day kuchipudi dance performance. The performances were given by the artists of Natyamitram Hyderabad and Chaitanya Socio Cultural Society.

The event began with Gajaananayutam Ganeshwaram was a composition of Mutthuswami Deekshitar which was all about the praises of Lord Ganesha. The composer describes, Lord Ganesha being worshipped by Bhrama and Indra. Their performance was followed with the flawless performances. Through expressive expressions and wondrous abhinay the dancers were able to captivate the interest of the audience.

The next performance was all about Lord Krishna and his warm welcome by Gopika. Swagatam Krishna narrates the happiness of Gopika when she welcomes Krishna with utmost adoration and admiration. Next performance, Nama Ramayana is composition by Vaishnavaite which is a condensed form of Ramayana.

In this performance the dancers describe the six kandas of Ramayana. Every kanda is is separated by introducing musical swaras and ragas and the artisist portrays different characters of Ramayan while maintaining the balance of Abhinaya and Nritya.

Next performance was Jatiswaram which comprises of Jatis and Swars. A performance on Meera Bhajan ‘Jag mein Sunder hain do naam’ left the audiences totally spellbind. The dance was wrapped by Tarangam and Tillana. The audience enjoyed the show with a lot of enthusiasm and applauded the performance whole heartedly.




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