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Local lad Rishi Verma is new heart-throb of Indian television

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Engineer turned actor, Rishi Verma is a new heart-throb of Indian television industry. Currently seen as ‘Sumer’ in the historical show ‘Porus’, Rishi hails from the City of Lakes.

While in a candid rendezvous with The Pioneer, Rishi talked about his journey from being an engineer in an MNC to the entertainment industry. Rishi Verma is born and brought up in Bhopal and later shifted to Mumbai to fulfill his dreams. He is married to Priyanka Mehta who is also an actress and has acted in Punjabi Films.

Talking about his journey, he said, “I completed by high school from St Joseph’s Coed and graduation from LNCT College. Then I moved to Bhubaneswar and Pune for my job.” He further said, “Initially I had no interest in acting, but during my college days i.e. in year 2006 I participated in short movies as an actor and then did some street plays as well. From here I developed a sense of love for acting.”

After leaving his job Rishi started acting and thus he became a part of mainstream English theatre as well. Rishi then auditioned for television serials. His journey began with a TV series ‘Tu Kaun Main Kaun’.

In the show Porus, Rishi essays the role of Sumer, the son of Dasyu rulers Mahanandini and Dasyuraj. Talking about his character, Rishi said, “Although he's a prince by birth, he's an utter coward. He mostly ends up in sticky situations and needs the help of Porus to save him. Greed is also a part of his character as he falls for Kanishk's diamond and gets stuck in Paurav Rashtra. He succumbs to torture and becomes a toy in the hands of Shivdutt getting Porus to come to Paurav Rashtra. Although a coward, he loves to brag about his actions.”

“Sumer is a fictional character and I really enjoy performing it,” added Rishi. On asking about just one advice to the young Bhopalites, who are trying their hands in entertainment industry, Rishi said, “Just two things are important and that is patience and hardwork. No short-cut works here.”

While signing off, Rishi said that he really miss Bhopal, especially the peaceful environment of the city.




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