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Mystic Bharatnatyam at 36th foundation day held

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With the strong message for Swachh Bharat, the celebration of 36th foundation day of Bharat Bhavan began today. The artists were deeply immersed in the emotion themselves, as the mystic Bharatnatyam spellbound all at Antarang Hall.

As a part of the 36th foundation anniversary of multi-art centre of the city, a gripping Bharatnatyam performance was staged at Bharat Bhavan on Tuesday. It marked the grand opening of the gala event which was inaugurated by renowned Bharatnatyam and Odissi exponent Sonal Mansingh.

After the inauguration, a Bharatnatyam dance drama ‘Sankalp Se Siddhi’ performance was splendidly performed by young Bharatnatyam dancers. The entire Antarang hall was packed with the traditional dance enthusiasts as they enjoyed the delightful medley of Bharatnatyam moves and captivating expressions.

The enraptured performance was choreographed by Sonal Mansingh. The entire performance was not only about the speedy footworks and the complexity of the technique, but the zest was added with the ravishing light design.

All through the performance, the lights played the characters on stage. The dance performance Sankalp se Siddhi dedicated to Swachh Bharat Mission, a presentation by Centre for Indian Classical Dances. It is an endeavour to develop and promote the concept of Swachh Vichaar : Pure Thoughts, Swachh Vaani : Good Speech and Swachh Vyavhaar: Correct Behaviour. Through performing arts selected episodes from Indian Mythology depicted the above concept. As they presented different mythological tales, it created an entertaining atmosphere at the Antarang Hall.

Besides, the exhibition of creative works by Sudheer Patwardhan is also put up at Modern Art Gallery. Moreover, another exhibition by an artist Ram Singh Urvati is put up at Rangdarshini Art Gallery.




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