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New designs at Baghutsav attracts shopaholics at Bhopal

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Set at the rustic backdrop of Gauhar Mahal, the bagh utsav is enrapturing the interest of the shopaholics of the city. The new designs over dress materials are what most captivating point of the exhibition cum sale. From bell designs to modern art, all of them are capturing the eyes of fashionists of the city.

The exhibition cum sale that began from February 6 is put up by the Khatri brothers. The Khatris from Dhar are known for producing beautiful bagh prints on different dress materials. The exhibition-cum-sale will continue till February 14.

This time they have brought a range of prints which are not new to them but to the buyers. There is an array of vibrant colours like green, ocean green and ocean blue along with shades of yellow, brown, sky colours and colours in contrast.

From short kurtis to full salwar suit, the female participants are overwhelmed with the kind of fine Karigari done over the cloth material. The ladies out there are enthralled to watch bagh prints in such bright and vibrant colours. The female buyers are also buying the bagh printed bed sheets for this season.

The female buyers are being captivated towards the fair and are buying the bagh print in huge number. The cost of dress materials begins from `400 to `1800. While the cost of bed sheets begins from `300 to `6000 and finally the saris are the major attraction which starts from `500 to `5000. The visitors are immensely mesmerized by the collection in the fair and enjoyed shopping at the exhibition-cum-sale.




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