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Odissi dance performance held at Shaheed Bhavan

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Marking the first of 5th National Dance Festival Nritya Aangan, a splendid odissi dance performance was held at Shaheed Bhavan on Wednesday. Besides, a Hindi play Vladimir Ka Hero was also performed on the same day.

The three day 5th National Dance Festival Nritya Aangan is being organised by Kalandhika Dance Natya Sanstha Samiti, Bhopal, a renowned dramatic institution of the city in collaboration with the cultural ministry of India.

The Odissi dance was performed by Lipsa Satpathy. She performed a dance drama Panchamabhuta, poetry by Radha Mohan Gadnayak. The poem is based on ‘clay’. She emerged as a wonderful performer on stage during the event.

Both, her expressions and body language made her dance dazzle. Later, the play Vladimir Ka Hero was staged. The short story of Leo Tolstoy ‘God Sees the Truth but Waits’ was adapted and directed by Manoj Nair. It was performed by the artists of Shadow Group.

The play shares a story of an old theatre artist Dayal. Dayal is 70 years old who is put in jail for a crime he never committed. Interacting with his inmates, Dayal shares his story and tells them about Ivon, whose story is similar to his.

Ivon was a merchant who lived in Valdimir. One day he decides to go in a business fair. On his way, he meets another merchant and had a good time with him at the rest house. As Ivon leaves for his home he is stopped by guards on his way. He was told that a merchant has been murdered and robbed. When the guards check Ivon’s possessions they find a blooded knife and arrests him.

For long 26 years Ivon was in jail for the crime he never committed. The play then narrates the life journey of Dayal and eventually like Ivon it was revealed that he was not a criminal. But it was too late, for Ivon as well as for Dayal, as the characters dies.

The entire play was mesmerizingly portrayed on stage leaving the audience spell-bind.




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