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Parvez Khan’s play ‘Kaahilon Ki Jamaat’ staged at Tribal Museum

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A comedy satirical play ‘Kaahilon Ki Jamaat’ was staged at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum here on Friday. The play was performed under the regular drama performances ‘Abhinayan’.

It is to be noted that under Abhinayan series young directors perform their new production. Kaahilon Ki Jamaat is directed by Parvez Khan. The play talks about ability and caliber of the person. The dialogues and script of the play though dealt with comic situations and presentations, but, the play somehow talked about reality.

One person can be judged on the basis of his job, but where will he reach through that job, cannot be judged. The essence of the entire play was idea behind it. The play was a comedy play as a whole.

There are two characters as the pratagonist of the play, Abid and Akbar, who are fond of writing and they are the students of the city's famous Shayar Alalbadi. Every time people ask Aabid and Akbar what you do or what is their job, then they answer, “we are learning to write’.

People taunt them and say, this is not a job. Abid and Akbar used to meet at Chacha's tea shop. Chacha was tired of hearing long-range things every day. Therefore, he advises them to make their group ‘Kaahilon Ki Jamaat’. On the principles of Darul Kohl, the foundation of Kaahilon Ki jamaat was laid.

As the time passes, people realise that those who were so helpless, now they have become the most qualified. With this the drama Kaahilon Ki Jamaat ends.




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