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Pearson School holds YELP

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Asnani Pearson School organised ‘Yardstick Experiential Learning Programme’ (YELP) at its premises here on Sunday as a step for achieving the vision of transforming education into a joyful and enriching experience. The programme witnessed a very good response and was applauded by the guardians.

Notably, YELP has been designed to provide students with relevant, engaging and practical learning experience in science education, beyond the classroom.  Yardstick designs and implements learning programs for children, engage their keen, inquisitive and imaginative minds via hands-on educational activities. School keeps organizing such interactive learning sessions that will help the kids learn their course and syllabus in a manner they can enjoy. On the occasion, Principal of the School Bhavna Gupta said the learning and development of children in their school is their main goal and they tend to establish activities in a way that helps the students’ intellect grow.

She said, “Learning at school should be an enriching experience. At Asnani Pearson School, we believe that localization of content is necessary to create relevance. We advocate for individualised learning instead of mass production of education. We try to impart individual attention to the child’s needs as far as possible,” she added.    




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