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Pottery learning workshop held at Jawahar Bal Bhavan

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The youngsters of the city learned the pottery art at Jawahar Bal Bhavan in a workshop organized here on Tuesday.

Ceramic art is something which is being in practice for a decade not in India but, in many other states of the world. The innovations done in the ceramic art over the last few years would be practiced at the workshop by the ceramists. The workshop began here from Tuesday.

Notably, various workshops on art and culture have been carried out at Jawahar Bal Bhavan and so the ceramic workshop. The youngsters get an opportunity to learn the modified or advanced form of ceramic making. Also, the aspirants, who stay deprived from such forms of ceramic art gets an opportunity to feel the enchantment of the clay.

Expert Julius Francis trained children to make pots from native soil. The experts told the participants that first soil was washed in water and it was filtered, then it is prepared by adding ash and paper together. It is then used to make Pat. When the process of making the pat is dry, it is dried and then cooked in the furnace fire, so that it becomes solid and firm. Nearly 35 children attended the workshop.

Moreover, in modern ceramic art the artists use three to four different verities of clay to form one sculpture. They may use China clay, azulejo, earthen clay, terracotta and also porcelain. In this ceramic workshop the sculpturists or the modern potters are not facilitated with the electric and manual bakers to bake their pots or sculptures. But here the participants will learn through the traditional form of pottery making.

Bal Bhavan Director Umashankar Nagayach said that through this workshop, the children have been informed about their method so that the children can easily create various artifacts made from clay at home.




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