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RJ Anandi addresses Graduate Grooming Workshop at Maulana Azad Central Library

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First become a good listener and then only you will be a good speaker, says RJ Anadi. She was addressing the Graduate Grooming Workshop at Maulana Azad Central Library on Saturday.

In this workshop, RJ Anadi explained the practical aspects of the speaking skill to the youth by connecting them with her life experiences. In this workshop, she discussed the speaker mind set, pre-performance preparation voice modulation and content part.

This workshop organised by the Civil Services Club is attended by about 200 youth from all over the State.

While giving tips to the graduates, Anandi said, “All are afraid of speaking. It is human nature that we are afraid to speak anything to others because we consider ourselves very small.

From the day you understand yourself, you do not feel afraid to go to the stage.” She further said, “Connect is more important than content. Whenever we prepare for a speech we only focus on content, and do research on it for hours. We do not think how I will connect to my audiences. If audience is not able to connect with you, then your speech will not be listened even if your content is good.”

She said, “Love your audience. Because the person you do not consider important does not even matter if you do not even talk to him or her.” RJ Anadi interacted with the youngsters to let them know how they can be a good speaker. She asked them to throw all the negative thoughts and try and interact with more and more people.

Choose the language of the heart, not the mind, if the brain freezes on stage look into your audience eyes, remember facts when speaking, confidence speaks than your knowledge, find your happy moment, filter your language and get rid of ‘taqiya kalam’, were some of the tips given by Anadi.




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