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‘Sharnagat’, ‘Dajyu’ staged at Shaheed Bhavan auditorium

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Two short plays ‘Sharnagat’ and ‘Dajyu’ were staged at Shaheed Bhavan auditorium, marking the second day of Rang Vidushak theatre fest. The plays were performed here on Thursday.

The first play Sharnagat is a story written by Jaishankar Prasad. The play was directed by Sanjay Shrivastava. Sharnagat is one of the popular stories of Jaishankar Prasad.

Set at the backdrop of 1857, when the revolt against Britishers broke out in India. The drama tells the story of a European couple who lives in India during 1857. Notably, the Indian soldiers of British army revolted against the British rule as the authorities were harming the religious beliefs of Hindu and Muslim soldiers.

The revolt was alarming everywhere. During the revolt the Indians, came together to fight against the cruelty of British officers. The European couple was on the run as they were hiding from the Indian soldiers who revolted.

They took shelter in a house of Indian family.

But, the couple had to face many trials and tribulations being in an Indian family.

They also witnessed the caste and class warfare as they stayed with the family.

Next play was Dajyu. Dajyu or Big Brother is a short story by Shekhar Joshi. The story invokes the human relationships.

It highlights the issue of city and rural life. How a man gets involved in materialistic love and forgets the emotional values. Madan, a boy from the hills of Almora, becomes a waiter in a city hotel. He longs for his home and family and seems lost all the time.

A new customer, Jagdish, also from Almora, begins eating in the restaurant regularly.

The two become friends with Madan looking up on Jagdish as a big brother. However, Jagdish adapts to the city ways, while Madan stays the same, leading to a confrontation between the two.

The plays were beautifully staged and the audience were enthralled to watch such fine performances on stage.




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