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‘Shri Ramleela Utsav' staged at Ravindra Bhavan in Bhopal

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The Bhopalites are having a close look at the lifespan of Lord Rama under a seven day programme 'Shri Ramleela Utsav' being staged wondrously at Ravindra Bhavan Open Air Auditorium.

The seven day event is all about the various major incidents that took place in Lord Rama’s life and shaped Ramayana. Lord Rama as known to the world was the most obedient son of his father. He always followed Raja Dashrath’s orders and when King Dashrath ordered his beloved Rama to leave the palace, Rama being a lovable son left the kingship and went to spent 14 years in forest.

Here on Thursday, under 'Shri Ramleela Utsav', announcement of Rajya Abhishek of Lord Rama, Kaikeyi and Dashrath Samvad,  Kaikeyi and Bharat Samvad, Kevat Prasang and Bharat Milap was staged. The programme was then followed with the Van Gama of Lord Rama was also performed. Kaikeyi wanted her son Bharat to be the next King of Ayodhya after maid servant Manthra poisoned Kaikeyi about Lord Rama.

Fearing that Rama would ignore or possibly victimise his younger brother for the sake of power, Kaikeyi demands that Dasaratha banish Rama to a forest exile for fourteen years, and that Bharata be crowned in Rama's place. She had been granted two boons by the king when she had saved his life a long time ago in battle, and the queen now used them to serve her purpose.

Later, Lord Rama’s exile towards the forest along with Sita and Laxman was performed as Van Gaman of Rama.

With the use of beautiful and heavy props, traditional costumes, impactful dialogue delivery enchanted the audience on the third day of the fest. The artists of Luv Kush group gave enthralling performances before the Bhopalites.

Sita Haran and Panchwati Prasang incident will be staged on the fourth day of this festival.




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