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Siddhayatan idol in Guinness Book

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Siddhayatan idol of God Sidha has found place in Guinness book of World Records. The idol made of sphatik has become a centre of faith for the devotees.

The pinnacle of the temple has been specially made of ‘Gem Stone’, which has been increasing attraction of the temple. This temple has been developed in Chhota Karila region of Sagar district, around 200 kms from the State capital.

Informing about the temple and the idol, Brahmachari Rakesh said that it is a matter of proud that the idol has found place in Guinness book of World Records. He said that he wishes to hand over the certificate of Guinness book of World Records to the State Government which would help in spreading information among the devotees regarding religious importance of the temple.

The devotees from across the State, country and foreign countries are visiting the place and offering prayers.

Usually idols of Jain Tirthankar are placed over Kamlasan but this idol is placed over ‘Sidh Shila’.

He further said that he wishes that the spiritual place should be free from all worldly things and close to meditation and inner peace which provides authenticity to the principles and spiritual thoughts of Jainism. This would encourage society to move on the path of peace. Every day ‘Swadhyay’ is organised.

He stated that around a decade ago, he decided to establish a temple with sphatik idol. In the year 2015 the concept was developed and stone weighing 1100 kg, having a height of 51 cm and radius of 2.5 m was brought from Andhra Pradesh and it took 18 months to carve it by expert artisans from Jaipur.

Social workers Pramod Kumar Baardana bore the expenses of establishment of the spiritual place.




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