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Workshop for civil service aspirants

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A three-day special workshop for civil examination candidates will be organised at Maulana Azad Central Library. The workshop will begin on Friday and will continue till Sunday.

In the Civil Services Examination, new topics have been introduced from where the questions are asked and i.e. Political Science, Integrity and Interest. Since these topics are very new and there is no book too, preparations are done very differently. Most of the candidates who do not understand and this paper is able to score very little.Keeping this problem in mind, the Maulana Azad Central Library is organizing three special sessions this week. These sessions are open for all wherein these topics will be explained to the young people about the meaning, expansion and the right way to understand this topic.Aditya Mishra who was successful in this year's Civil Services Examination will be conducting the sessions. Aditya Mishra is an alumnus of Bhopal who teaches the Constitution to millions of youth on the country on YouTube.

Anyone in the city can participate in these sessions. There is no need to get any registration in advance for participating. The interested person can become part of these sessions by reaching the Central Library at 7 am. 




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