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ABVP takes out Tricolour rally in city

| | BHUBANESWAR | in Bhubaneswar

The students of the ABVP Rama Devi University branch and Debroy College branch took out rallies in their institutions holding the Tri-Colour to make the people boycott Chinese goods and stand by the Indian Army.

Scores of students led by Tanmayee Hota, Swapna Samartha, Rihana Begum, Aprita Priyadarshini, Sushismita Mohapatra, Manisha Benera, Sandhya Rani Pradhan and Prinyanka Sahu of the RD University marched around their campus and went up to the Vani Vihar square with a 50-foot high Tri-colour and gave slogans against China for anti-India activities and allying with Pakistan which is a haven of terrorism against India. They called upon the people to join the Rastriya Swadeshi Suraksha Abhiyan for the economic development of the country and its safety and security.

In Debroy College hundreds of ABVP students took out a rally from the Passport Office Chowk to their college premises with a huge Tri-colour.  




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