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After Goa-Manipur, BJP may use backdoor tricks in K’taka too

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When the ultra-confident BJP received an unexpected jolt in Gujarat, Goa and Manipur in the last elections, the saffron biggies abused power to climb onto the seats of power by making sure the respective Governors were arm-twisted to discard the deserving victors and roll out the red carpet for the BJP to form government.

When sensible citizens were keen to see the majority-win party to be considered, the Governor chose the BJP with outside support to be invited. Once in, the cash-rich outfit resorted to all known tricks and managed to grab power.

The plea then was the bigger number anyway would be invited no matter how big a singular party is in the winning figure.

 Now when Karnataka is facing a perfectly similar situation, the saffron brigade stakes claim saying ‘stability factor’ would be the primary yardstick for the Governor. The BJP had imagined a landslide victory much in vain.

All this despite a glaring anti-incumbency ambience across most communities in the southern State! They had believed Modi and Shah are magicians after the UP capture. More interestingly, the BJP has got a mean vote share of only 37% against the 38% grabbed by the Congress. So overall, the BJP suffered a conclusive defeat. Amit Shah has had a great deal of good luck all this time. All fluke! Henceforth, the BJP has to remain on full guard to avoid embarrassment in all the future battles.

Rumours of weird kinds are making rounds on the social media. Each accessible Kannadiga voter was offered one thousand rupees by Congress workers and five thousand by saffron front-liners to grab the victory number. Capturing the respectable southern State had become an obsession with the BJP war strategists, but they failed. The Congress in collaboration with the JD(S) is more likely to form government.

The loyal Governor may invite the BJP to take oath and prove majority on the legislature floor within a reasonable period during which top-grade horse-trading can take place. And the whole world knows that the BJP is now the wealthiest political outfit with countless strategists without any sense of scruples.

The JD(S) shall not deceive the people by siding with the BJP. The tiny ‘others' numbering only two will most certainly join the ruling team whoever it be, but it’s for sure that the BJP would find it tough to sustain itself on the floor if by any chance the Governor plays favourites.

The BJP now means the ‘Modi-Shah’ duo because all the original founders have been relegated to oblivion. Legendary Vajpayee is in bedridden; Advani ignored and consigned to obscurity. Iconic figures like Jashwant and Shatrughan Sinha have been purposefully pushed to a corner without light or air because they are too critically vocal. Modi has occupied centre-stage by stroke of luck. He is a master talker and a tall promise giver. Shah, an accused in several grave cases, is a cunning trader.

He has the subtle skills to identify market minds and super salesmen who can create a false aura around him and Modi by using, misusing and abusing all unfounded data and information. He is irritatingly loud and, on most occasions, maligns opponents on grounds that do not even exist or talked about publicly. He has been visiting Odisha to influence masses in favour of the BJP and against Naveen Patnaik.

But the Bijepur fiasco seems to have hammered a bit of sanity into his larger-than-normal-size head. Modi may have told him after being briefed by the saffron think tank that Odisha is an absolutely difficult terrain as the master is an unbelievably adored gentleman with a magic wand. People witnessed development only after Naveen materialised in 2000. The seemingly immortal Congress withered away into dust over time.

The old Congress biggies have defected to the BJD openly or slyly only to survive in the minds of the masses. Bhupinder Singh migrated to the Conch fold with great pride and pleasure. He was sent to the Rajya Sabha for the love and respect displayed and then he disintegrated into thin air because he had nowhere to go. Home was gone; and the BJD had recognised him as kind of a tiny-scale traitor.

Lately, Naveen Patnaik has realised that the BJP doesn’t have much of a future mainly because of its communal inclinations and obsession for the ‘Ram temple’ sort of projects and objectives. So, Odisha is now incredibly free of any challenging opposition parties.

The Congress in power had been looked down upon as obnoxious in the aftermath of the Super Cyclone of 1999. The people of Odisha virtually kicked the Congress out so hard that not a good enough number of souls from the long lost fold is found worthy enough today to have survived with dignity, raise head, talk and persuade the masses to accept them as well-meaning. Gentle ones like Narasingha Mishra and Prasad Harichandan are methodically ignored by the party ‘think tank’ for not having been able to flaunt money or flex muscles to woo workers who are perpetually hungry for the wrong elements in life.

One Neha Jagannath, identifying herself as a proud Odia, had posted her views on the social media a year or so ago: “The BJP can never win in Odisha because we have the BJD.

 Before going any further, I'd like to state I have no political affiliation to any party; and my statement stands vindicated by the fact that Naveen Patnaik is the first person to occupy the CM's chair four times in a row.

Is the BJD an ideal party free from the usual corruption, scams, dissent that have come to define politics in India? May not be by a long shot when Naveen is not around with his trusted aides. But no one can deny the fact that the State has developed at an incredible rate after it came to power with Naveen Patnaik as head.

The newbie celebrity son that everyone expected to be a figurehead, turned out to be one of the most astute politicians; and, more importantly, effective leaders in the land. The ‘Odia not-speaking’ Naveen has brought to the Odias a collective pride that they hadn't felt in decades. He's still going strong. Despite not receiving proper aid from the Central Government, he keeps going full-steam.

The clinical precision with which cyclones Phailin and Hudhud were attended to, left the world in awe, earning praise from the UN along the way. Today the Odisha disaster management outfit is rated as the best in the world for being precisely fast and faultless in evacuating, rescuing, rehabilitating the distressed people and restructuring the public goods in record time.

The reason the NaMo wave washed away most places in India was that the existing Central Government was little more than an expensive joke, and the state of the State Governments depended on who ruled at the Centre. (Whether it proves itself worthy of the trust reposed in it by millions of Indians remains to be seen. I am hoping it does.)

The reason it did not make much of an effect in Odisha is that we have a strong State Government which delivers consistently, regardless of Central backing or blocking. After all, we have survived three cyclones; so what chance will a Modi wave have in Odisha under the care of a boss in pyjamas and chappals and with no malice towards any?”

Lastly, Modi has realised one indisputable truth which keeps hurting some of the saffron fools: that the party biggies across the country are bound to lose a great deal of earth from beneath their feet in 2019. Even the much-expected Karnataka seems to have gone.

The Congress with the support of the JD(S) may snatch the seats of power quite this time.  So, Modi may have warned Shah against speaking a word of bitterness against the enigmatic, invulnerable Naveen ruling Odisha with unprecedented invincibility.

All States will experience political tremors of the most intensive or the mildest scale, but Odisha will go cool as usual with the enigmatic Naveen. So, Naveen has to be kept in good humour for relief during the stormy days.

(The writer is a core member of Transparency International, Odisha)




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