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Electricity, health woes in 3 N’pada blocks agitate locals

| | NUAPADA | in Bhubaneswar

The Dalit Adhikar Manch, Khariar held a meeting on Monday under the leadership of its president Kamal Charan Tandi to discuss about the problems of electricity and health services in Khariar, Sinapali and Boden blocks of Nuapada district.

“Electricity supply is irregular and it is tripping several times in a day. Not only this, there is also the problem of low voltage. Electricity tariff is on the rise, but the quality of service has not improved. Why should the consumer bear the burden of such irregularity and low quality,” questioned the activists.

Regarding the availability of services in Community Health Centre (CHC) at Khariar, the members expressed concern over the vacancies in the posts of doctors and lack of quality services. “About 300 patients visit this CHC every day which include patients of the neighbouring areas even from districts of Balangir and Kalahandi. Likewise, a number of institutional deliveries is above ten per day. The CHCs at Boden and Sinapali blocks refer their critical cases to the Khariar CHC which increases its burden. Unfortunately, there is a lack of interest on the Government’s part to fill the vacancies,” said the members.

“Added to this is the lack of interest in the district administration to develop infrastructure in spite of availability of creres of rupees for different infrastructure development purposes,” they added.

It is learnt from the CHC sources that the Government has allotted Rs 1.68 crore for construction of a new CHC building and Rs 50 lakh for a drug warehouse. But these funds are lying unutilised due to non-availability of lands. Data obtained from the CHC reveal that there is a reduction in the number of outdoor patients in this hospital in last two three years. “It is due to vacancies in posts of doctors. The posts of paediatric, medicine and surgery specialists are lying vacant for many years. As a result, the patients are forced to go to private practitioners,” said CHC staffs.

Khariar CHC is one of the 43 First Referral Units (FRU) of the State. Different CHCs and PHCs in Khariar, Sinapali and Boden blocks refer there patients to this CHC.

This status makes mandatory on the part of the Government to post a gynaecologist and a paediatric doctor in this FRU, but the post of paediatric doctor is lying vacant since the CHC gained FRU status in 2014. Dr PC Achary, who is the Medical Officer-in-Charge here is also holding the post of paediatric doctor,” informed the CHC staff.

Government rules to provide FRU status to a CHC attach several other conditions like it should conduct caesarean section (CS) delivery and the blood storage unit should remain functional, etc. “The blood storage unit here is functional; and there is an experienced gynaecologist, but we don’t know why CS is not done,” wonderd a staff.

It is learnt that the FRU status of a hospital allows it to get a lot of other facilities like increase in the human resources (HR), special funds for infrastructure development, etc. “No CS delivery may rip this CHC of its FRU status, which will also mean withdrawal of a number of other facilities and funds,” added the staff.

The Dalit Adhikar Manch has warned that they would resort to agitation on June 15 if all these problems are not addressed immediately. Nimai Tandi, Surendra Kumar, Manoj Dip, Jyotilal Banjare, Siddhu Jagat, Tanmaya Bag and other members of the Mancha were also present in the meeting.




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