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Favouritism to B’ngir contract staff sparks row

| | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Eight contractual paramedical staffers recruited through an advertisement along with several others were regularised, sparking protest among the deprived employees here.

According to reports on June 27, 2013, recruitment for paramedical post like staff nurse, radiographer and laboratory technicians were advertised and recruitment was held later.

However, the job of eight paramedical staffers was regularised and they are getting higher salary than the others through they were recruited through a single advertisement.

“No separate advertisement was published for these eight candidates, but they were regularized. How is this possible,” asked RTI activist Shankar Panigrahi. A paramedical union and the RTI activist demanded either to regularize the jobs of all those who were appointed at a time or cancel the special favour to the eight employees.




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