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Last-ditch effort to keep State Congress flocks together!

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When for the last 17 years a section of the State Congress leaders nurtured self ego and indulged in infighting at the cost of party’s doom, the current move by the high command from Delhi clearly points to its sense of urgency to restore order in the party.

Hence, after a series of meetings with the warring sections for ending the infighting and keeping the flocks together which fell flat, the high command has dispatched a team of Central leaders to Odisha to evolve a consensus in the party. Since the coming Assembly and general elections are near, the party’s prospects could be further damaged, if the State Congress does not learn to stitch in time.

The party is facing a tough time as there are several factions though the leaders refuse to admit it. However, the sorry state of affairs has been continuing for so long that the weakness of the party is already out in the open.

There is a mismatch between the legislature unit and organisational unit; there is lack of coordination between the coastal leaders and leaders of the western and southern parts and there too is no sync between the young and the old bloods. A section is hell bent on a PCC leadership change, while another is trying hard to save the incumbent.

Consequently, the party unit is in a shambles and the leaders and supporters are found changing loyalty to other parties, especially the BJD and the BJP. The shocking part is, what with lower rung leaders, even a former Chief Minister, a former Leader of Opposition and former spokespersons, former MLAs and former Ministers have been found switching over to the BJP or the BJD. This has lowered the morale of the workers as they see no end to the feuds among the top leaders in the party. Continuous dismal performance in the elections since 1999 has only added insult to injury for the party’s rank and file.

The obsession for a change of the PCC chief has made the dissenting leaders disoriented. It looks as if the issue is their only concern. They tend to forget other crucial issues concerning the State. Even when one or the other issue, like the Mahanadi water dispute, was taken up by the party, the efforts fizzled out due to lack of cohesion among the leaders.

While the State has been facing a critical time, the State Congress looks to be out of the scene and the BJP and the BJD are largely prominent. The fact is after the panchayat poll drubbing, the BJP has already eclipsed the Congress and assumed the role of principal Opposition in the State. 




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