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Let State Govt file case against self, says BJP

| | BHUBANESWAR | in Bhubaneswar

The BJP on Tuesday alleged that BJD leaders are making misleading statements to suppress the negligence of the State Government vis-à-vis the incidence of missing of the Ratna Bhandar keys.

“BJD MP Pinaki Misra has termed the Ratna Bhandar key missing as an unimportant issue. His statement only indicates that the State Government is not serious about the incident that has hurt sentiments of all Lord Jagannath devotees,” alleged BJP State spokesperson Pitambar Acharya. Terming missing of Ratna Bhandar keys as a criminal conspiracy, Acharya said the State Government is trying to clear it of dusts by changing the chief of the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration. He said while a total of 18.231 kg of gold was received as donation between 1983 and February 2018, only 14.560 kg gold has been kept in the State Bank of India locker. Failing to give account of the rest 4 kg gold, the attitudes of the State Governent and the SJTA have come under the scanner, he said.

Acharya wanted to know why the SJTA had kept the donated gold with it and decided to keep them in the State Bank locker just two days back.

He alleged that the Chief Minister announced the judicial probe in order to avoid people’s attention from his Government’s negligence.

Stating that the Supreme Court has intervened into the mismanagement of the temple by the SJTA, Acharya demanded that the Chief Minister gives details about the 4 kg gold. If it has guts, the State Government should file a case against itself and order an impartial probe.




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