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Odisha MPs’ performances moderate in 4 yrs

| | Berhampur (Odisha) | in Bhubaneswar

The performance of 21 MPs of Odisha on aspects of presence in the House, questions asked by them their participation in the procedings and utilisation of MPLAD funds remained moderate during the last fours.

It was revealed in the report cards on performance of the MPs released by Youth for Social Development (YSD) here on Tuesday.

Cuttack MP Bhartuhari Mahtab ranked one with a score of 54.9 and Rama Chandra Hansdah of Mayurbhanj ranked 21st (lowest) with 18.3 score among 21 MPs in Odisha.

Only three MPs, Bhartuhari Mahtab Dr Kulamani Samal, Jagatsinghpur (2nd rank) and Rabindra Kumar Jena, Baleswar (3rd rank), have been able to cross 50-overall performance score out of total 100 score, the report revealed.

Almost all the MPs of Odisha have spent more than 69 per cent of the MPLADS funds excepting Jajpur MP Rita Tarai who spent 57 per cent of her funds. Tathagata Satapathy, Dhenkanal utilised the highest 116 per cent of MPLAD funds.

Nearly 43 per cent of funds (highest) was spent on railways, roads, pathways and bridges.

MPs with political family background have utilised the highest 79 per cent of MPLAD funds. MPs from central region have performed well in terms of ‘overall performance’ and ‘MPLAD fund utilisation’ but MPS from southern and northern region have shown poor utilisation of MPLAD funds and scored average in overall performance.

Only 11 members have introduced a private member’s bill. In Odisha, a total number of 33 villages have been selected for Adarsh Gram out of total target 63.

The YSD suggested that steps need to be taken in order to ensure that the members adhere to the rules and guidelines of the scheme.

The Union Government or the Lok Sabha Speaker may be vested with powers to stop the fund flow in case of any violation of guidelines.

Political parties and candidates should publicly disclose MPLAD fund utilization in their election manifesto and should give in writing to the voters for 100 per cent efficient and better utilization.

CAC’s Guru Charan Patro, MASM’s Abani Gaya and Kishore Chandra Patra and journalists Sudarshan Chhotoray and Saroj Ranjan Patnaik participated and shared their views. YSD’s Bibhu Prasad Sahu presented the report and coordinated the release event.




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