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OUWJ condemns murder of journalists

| | BHUBANESWAR | in Bhubaneswar

The Odisha Union of Working Journalist (OUWJ) at a meeting here on Tuesday severely condemned the murder of veteran journalists like Gouri Lankesh, JJ Singh, Ravish Singh and Tarun Acharya (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Odisha, respectively) and many others in recent months.

OUWJ president Sugyan Choudhury described the attacks on working journalists as an attack on the freedom of Press. He wondered how in a great democracy like India under a vibrant judicial system the assailants of journalists are running away scot free. OUWJ Bhubaneswar district president Hrushikesh Mohanty opined that the name for the Press as the fourth pillar of democracy is nothing but a gross travesty of the truth.

It was resolved that a draft prepared by the OUWJ to the Prime Minister demanding a Central legislation for protection of journalists would be handed over through the Governor of Odisha shortly.

Prominent among other scribes present were Deepti Kar, Niranjan Pattnaik, Lalit Kumar Dash, Prafulla Singh, Purnananda Thakur, Deepak Prusty, Tapan Sinha, Tapan Sahoo and Brajabandhu Nayak. 




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