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Channi tosses coin for posting, triggers criticism

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In an out of the ordinary move, Punjab Cabinet Minister Charanjit Singh Channi tossed a coin to decide on allotting a station out of the two lecturers of the State Technical Education Department.

Amid criticism that merit and rules went for a toss, Channi rubbished the same as “fact-less” whle making it clear that it was, in fact, for the first time in the history of the Technical Education Department that the stations to the newly-elected lecturers were allotted in a transparent manner as per their choice.

The incident, which was caught on cameras, aired by television news channels, and also going viral in the social media, took place on Monday when the Minister had called 37 mechanical lecturers, who were recently recruited through the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) examination, for giving them their posting orders.

A video is trending on the social media where Channi took to flipping a coin to decide on the right candidate for the post of a lecturer in a polytechnic institute.

“Out of total 37 stations available for posting, 35 were allotted as per the choice of the candidates without any overlapping of choice at any particular station...At one station, there was overlapping as two candidates opted for same station. While one candidate was having more academic qualification, other was having more experience,” elaborated Channi.

He said he himself asked to mutually decide the contention. “When both contenders were unable to reach a consensus, they proposed to go for a toss and then, as per their choice, coin was tossed and station was allotted,” Channi said.

The Minister said any Government employee or officer, can be posted anywhere without any consent, “But I did not do this and opted for a transparent way to allot the stations to the newly selected lecturers as per their choice to get better results from them.”

“It was done so that to clear any sought of doubt from the minds of the lecturers that no discrimination is done in their postings. The entire posting process was done in a transparent manner and everyone was pleased to have a station of their choice,” he said. He said the newly recruited lecturers were invited in the office at Punjab Civil secretariat, and were requested to give the choice for stations and given all the available stations for postings without any discrimination.

Strongly refuting the “fact-less” news appeared in some section of the electronic media, Channi said it was very unfortunate that instead of highlighting the welcome step taken by the education department, a section of media “mysteriously ignored the crude facts and presented baseless sensational news”.

“It is very unfortunate that a section of the media without following the basic ethics of journalism and telecast media and without verifying the facts, has reported non-factual news,” he said. At the same time, he urged the media to refrain from such fact-less sensational news, while appealing to them to play a positive role in providing quality technical education to the youth of the state to make them employable.




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