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Haryana irrigation dept plans 5 projects

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Haryana Irrigation Department has framed five projects of Rs 4.58 crore for Nissing area in district Karnal for which approval is being sought from the State Government. The approval would soon be accorded by the Government and work on these projects is likely to start before arrival of monsoon.

Under these projects, a gated inlet would be constructed on North West of Nissing Drain — Behlolpur Link drain. It is worth mentioning that during rains, the excess water flows into low-line fields of farmers of villages Singda, Balu and Behlolpur.

The Gated Inlet project has been prepared by the Department to save crops from floods. Desilting would be carried out of about 18 km long link drain and two culvert or bridges would be constructed. A sum of about Rs 1.15 crore would be spent on these projects by the Department, a spokesman said.

Under the second project, a new bridge would be constructed on RD 39,600 of Indri Drain passing through village Bansa. The existing bridge is very old and in deteriorated condition. It is expected that about Rs 1.85 crore would be spent on it. This would provide great relief to the people of this area, he added.

About 1,300 feet long area would be make pucka between pond and drain to save the Panch Dev Tirth from drain water passing through village Padha. About Rs 37 lakh is expected to be spent on this project.

Pump house would be established near village Jabhala. He said that people of the area had raised this demand with the Chief Minister, Manohar Lal on November 27, last year that during monsoon, stagnated rain water causes damage to their crops. The main reason for this is the Bhakra Main Line Canal passing through this area due to which water does not pass through and get back to low-line area causing damage to crops.

Now the pump house would pump out the excess water and put it into Bhakra Main Line. This project would benefit farmers of villages Jabhala, Thali and

Uplana. About Rs 31 lakh is expected to be spent on this project, he added.

The spokesman said that a new bridge would be constructed on drain from Taraori and passing through village Hathlana. Due to improper design of old bridge, frequent accidents take place on the bridge.

The new bridge on RD 78,600 would be 7 metre wide and it would be constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 90 lakh.




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