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Pb to oppose Centre’s move to amend NRDWP

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Punjab Water Supply and Sanitation Minister Razia Sultana on Tuesday said  that the state would strongly oppose the Centre’s move to amend National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP) which, if implemented, will adversely affect ongoing drinking water supply schemes in more than 9000 villages of the state.

“The Union Government has made up its mind to amend the NRDWP which aimed at providing potable drinking water to the rural inhabitants. Once this amendment is through, this will adversely affect the ongoing drinking water supply schemes in more than 9,000 villages of the state. Punjab will strongly oppose this move of the Union Government,” said Razia.

She said that with view to chalk out state’s futuristic strategy, a high level meeting of Water Supply Sanitation Department was held on Tuesday.

“Under the NRDWP, Centre provides funds to the States to supply drinking water to the rural areas. To run this scheme, funds at the ratio of 50:50 percent are being provided by the Union Government and concerned State Government. Punjab Government is ready to provide its share of 50 percent, but it appears that the Centre is shying away to provide its share,” she said.

The Minister said that as per proposed amendment, fund will now only be provided to such villages where consumption of drinking water is below 40 liter per capita per day (LPCD).

“If proposed amendment is effective, it will adversely affect the water supply scheme in more than 9,000 villages of the state. These schemes may be halted midway because the consumption of drinking water is more than 40 LPCD,” she said.

She underlined that Punjab has borrowed whooping money from the World Bank and NABARD to supply drinking water to the villages, “and if we have been successful in providing drinking water in more than 9,000 villages, which is more than 40 LPCD, we should not be deprived off the Centre’s funds”.

The Minister said that the Centre has convened a meeting on June 14 to take opinion of the concerned states on its proposed move to amend NRDWP, and I will personally attend the meeting and strongly oppose the Centre’s move”.




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