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Sikh Federation urged to revoke order

Dehradun: The declaration of Uttarakhand Sikh Federation to stop politicians from entering Gurudwaras during the electioneering has evoked mixed response from the community. Many members of the community met at Kenderiya Shri Guru Singh Sabha here on Thursday and protested the decision of Sikh Federation. The president of Sabha Brij Inder Pal Singh said that the decision of the Sikh Federation was unilateral and unfortunate and added that those issuing such orders themselves line up before the political parties for donations. Besides the Gurudwaras are always open to everyone. Singh said politics and religion were two wheels of one vehicle, but politics should be based on religion and not the other way around. He also urged the Federation to amend its declaration and said Singh Sabha would continue protesting the controversial order.


Kiran Ulfat Goyal awarded at delhi function

Dehradun: The chief promoter of Nanhi Dunya (the international movement of children and their friends) Kiran Ulfat Goyal was awarded the Sarva Chakra award at a function of the All India Economy Survey Award Council at New Delhi. Nanhi Dunya received the Shining Image of India award for the most emerging preferred social organisation of the year. Actors Raza Murad and Kiran Kumar presented the award to Goyal. Murad congratulated the awardees and commended them on their works. Kumar appreciated the awardees for working to make their dreams come true. Expressing her gratitude, Goyal dedicated the award to her parents Sadhna and LR Ulfat who founded Nanhi Dunya movement more than six decades ago. 




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