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Scam sludge

The all powerful lobby of officers of Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is viewing the ongoing NH-74 scam investigation, headed by an IPS officer and his daring effort to interrogate two of their fellow officers as a challenge to their hitherto unquestioned fiefdom in the Himalayan State. Given a virtual carte blanche to unravel the scam by the TSR Govt, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) zeroed in on two Babus of privileged cadre for their dubious role as arbitrators in the cases of compensation offered to farmers in lieu of acquisition of their land. The Babus are arguing that their role as an arbitrator cannot be questioned by a police officer as judicial powers are bestowed on them by the constitution. “What will happen if in its overzealousness the SIT pushes these officers into jail and in court they are proved innocent,’’ said a senior Babu. The apprehensions of the IAS lobby apart, the high profile case has the potential to turn into a hostile turf war between the cadres of IAS and IPS.

Europe Calling

Apparently oblivious of the fact that the people of the disaster prone State are facing wrath of a more than a benevolent monsoon this time around, a group of legislators and select Babus is enjoying a European sojourn these days. The aim of the study tour conducted on a cash strapped State exchequer is to understand the public transport system of the countries like Germany and Switzerland and explore ways to implement their state of the art technologies in Uttarakhand. However what caught the attention and caused heartburn was the presence of wives of some MLAs in touring party. The skeptics are questioning the presence of spouses of honourable legislators in what is being projected as a study tour. One grapevine suggests that wives of the MLAs forced their way into the Europe bound party with an intention to keep a watch on activities of their husbands. Probably sensing that travelling in the company of wives could invite barbs, two Congress MLAs who are part of the excursion, successfully persuaded their better halves for not joining the jaunt.

Teachers’ Travail

The politics of the employee unions can sometimes land union leaders into very embarrassing situation. An example was witnessed during the recent agitation of powerful union of government school teachers. On the basis of their past experience, leaders of teachers were confident that they would make the Government concede to their demands but they were stumped by tough stand of Govt. The headstrong administration backed by determined Government not only paid no heed to demands of teachers but in an unprecedented move transferred some of their top leaders. Bewildered by strong reaction of Government and pressurised by internal politics of the union, one office bearer became so desperate that he tore his shirt during the lockdown call of education directorate. The order of U’khand HC to end stir and join duties actually turned out to be blessing in disguise for the beleaguered leaders as it provided them a graceful chance to end the stir. The failed agitation also widened fissure lines in the formidable union with detractors taking the office bearers to task for letting down the teachers. Taking lessons from misadventure of this union, another association of teachers which also had made strategy for agitation wisely decided to put the plan on backburner.




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