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44 Government schools closed in Pauri district due to poor response

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Forty four Government primary and junior high schools spread across  Pauri district have been closed in tune with the State Government’s order of closing down schools with less than ten students. The students and also the staffers of such schools have been adjusted in the neighborhood schools. It is learnt that out of the 44 closed schools, 37 were primary schools while seven were  junior high schools.

Additional director of basic education, S P Khali said that the process of closing down schools with less than ten students is still going on in seven districts falling under the Garhwal region.

“The actual number of such  schools would be revealed only after complete information from all the seven districts is  received,” he added.

Pauri district chief education officer Madan Singh Rawat said that the process of closing down such schools and shifting students/staffers to neighborhood schools is still continuing. 

However, the question that continues to dog the people even when the shutdown process is on is why the number of students in the Government schools is declining steadily in sharp contrast to the swelling number of  students studying in the private schools. “This must be looked into more deeply, particularly in view of the fact that  the  teachers of the Government –run schools are  drawing handsome salary nowadays. Things are such that even the teachers do not admit their children in such schools.

 Is it because of the poor quality of teaching being imparted to the students of the state-run schools? If so this must be viewed in the  context of most of the teachers remaining more engaged in giving private tuition than giving themselves fully  to the students in the classes,” says an observer.

Another observer says that though the education department brass is fully aware of a  fairly large number of teachers giving private tuition at the expense of the students of the schools in violation of the Government order they choose to look the other way. “Things are the same from the block to the district levels.

Unless the education department brass sits up and proceeds to go for the course corrective the exercise of shutting down schools would not serve any purpose.

It is high time that the State Government decides to take the bull by the horns instead wandering around such cavalier moves which are far from getting into the bottom of the problem,” says a veteran  educationist  based in Pauri.




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