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BJP rejects Congress criticism of Kedarnath laser show

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Defending holding of laser show at Kedarnath shrine, the state media in charge of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Devendra Bhasin has said that the show is part Indian cultural tradition where divinity of god is exhibited in various forms. Terming the opposition of Congress party on laser show as an attempt to spread confusion, he said that if the Congress leaders go through history then they will realise that in Hindu way of life there is a tradition of worshiping the lord in many ways. Music, songs, dances, stage and in last few decades shows based on light and sound are part of this tradition of worship. Bhasin added that movies and TV serials have been built in the past on religious and spiritual matters. Terming the laser show at Kedarnath as part of this very tradition in which new technology is used, the BJP leader said that it should be appreciated. He said that if the Congress’s opposition to the technology is to be accepted then use of buses, cars and helicopter should be banned for the Char Dham Yatra and Yatris should be allowed only on foot.

Bhasin went on to add that the truth is that the Congress leaders are hassled as they are out of the power and are opposing things for sake of opposition. He said that this frustration is clearly visible among leaders of Congress both at State and central level while the Prime Minister is changing things for good and taking the country forward to a new era. Launching a scathing attack on Congress leaders and their claim that Congress Government did exemplary work in Kedarnath, Bhasin said that the truth is that union government and its agencies worked in Kedarnath. The Congress leaders were only involved in corruption at that time, he added. The BJP leader said that on one hand the BJP governments of Centre and state are working hard to make Yatra successful, the Congress leaders are issuing statements which give wrong messages. Bhasin said that the arrival of PM at Kedarnath is very important for the State.




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