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Citizens blame illegal constructions for damage in riverside areas

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The damage caused by Rispana river in spate has also raised questions about the lack of action being taken by the authorities against illegal construction and encroachments in the areas along the river.

At the MDDA colony in Dalanwala, the boundary wall of NK Singh’s residence collapsed in the spate. Talking to The Pioneer, he said that though officials from the Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority and Municipal Corporation of Dehradun visited the site to inspect the damage, they were of little help. “The situation was same during the previous year. Citizens like me have been paying our house tax and other charges to the authorities concerned. However, there are those who have constructed buildings illegally in the area due to which the flow of the water and drainage of rainwater has been blocked or diverted. Such constructions have been causing damage and major public inconvenience to the law abiding public who have constructed their homes according to the law and are paying their taxes as required.

However, when illegal constructions and encroachments cause damage to the homes of those who are law abiding, one is likely to question the point of paying taxes and securing official approvals diligently if in the end those who are violating the law end up causing damage to the homes of those who follow the law.”




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