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Dengue grips Doon: 535 cases reported

| | Haridwar | in Dehradun

The dengue scare is rapidly gripping the city with over 535 suspected cases, 135 confirmed cases and two deaths reported from here so far this year, according to the district health authorities. Death cases from the villages taking time to  be confirmed, a student of Rishikul Ayurvedic College reportedly died of the vector-borne disease on Monday.      An employee of SIIDCUL had succumbed to the same on Sunday night at MAX Hospital in Dehradun. Earlier, a 30-year-old woman from BHEL had died on the night of Diwali.

Speaking of the death of the student, the director of Uttarakhand Ayurved University Rishikul Ayurvedic College campus Sunil Joshi said, “Deepak Rawat hailing from Pauri Garhwal was a student of batch 2013 in BAMS course in Rishikul Ayurvedic College. Down with high fever, he  was admitted at Ramkrishna Mission Hospital in Kankhal  where his platelets count dipped substantially. He was rushed to Jollygrant Hospital where he succumbed on Sunday night .”

The body of the student was brought to his home in Kankhal this morning and was cremated later in the day. 

Besides, another Haridwar resident Gaurav Kudeshiya reportedly died of dengue at Max Hospital in Dehradun on Sunday morning. What is more, on an average, three to four patients showing dengue symptoms  are being admitted  at the civil hospital in Roorkee.  Notably, dengue is confirmed after Eliza test is done which takes a few days.

Having with it no record of the private facilities operating in the district, the district health department has so far conformed two deaths here, though according to unofficial reports based on the figures culled from the private hospitals, the toll is much higher with many having died of the disease in the rural areas of the district.

Sounding concerned over the crunch of specialists plaguing   the hospital, CMS Haridwar Dr Arti Dhaundiyal said, “Many posts of the specialists are lying  vacant in the district, mela and mahila hospitals. Only one physician has been deputed by the state health department in the district hospital. Though  six beds have been  kept for  the dengue patients in mela, mahila and district hospitals  the scarcity of doctors is making it difficult for us to treat  the patients coming with dengue symptoms.  We have written to the state health department for providing more doctors to deal with the present crisis.”

The district malaria officer Gurnam Singh said, “So far only two dengue deaths have been reported. We can determine dengue in the patients only through ELISA test.  However, the problem is that we can put 96 samples  in a single kit. We have to wait till the listing is completed to send it for test for dengue confirmation.”

The people are a worried lot as they ceased to have confidence in the district heath department to tackle the situation. “Every year, the district health department claims to gear up for the vector-borne disease. The senior officers hold meetings to take stock of the preparations to take it on much before the onset of the  monsoon season and every year the claims fall flat,” runs the common refrain.  With limited facilities in the district hospital and scarcity of good physicians, the patients are forced to take treatment from the private hospitals based in the city. The blood separator unit in the district hospital is operating presently with just one doctor left there.

The preventive measures of dengue are nowhere in sight  in several areas of the district. SIIDCUL  authorities and the residents of Shivalik Nagar have been appealing to the  Nagar Nigam for fogging for days.

“We hope that  the district authorities will act fast on our requests for fogging the  SIDCUL areas and the neighbouring Shivalik Nagar,” said  the president of SIIDCUL Industrial Association Arun Saraswat.




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