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Doon University wins inter-university quiz

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Doon University won the first prize in the inter-university quiz competition jointly organised by Doon University and Uttarakhand Technical University (UTU) in the UTU campus on Monday. Prakash Singh Chaudhary and Soumy Naudiyal were the members of Doon University team which clinched the gold.

While awarding the trophy to the winning teams, Governor Dr K K Paul at whose direction the competition was held said that the purpose of this event was to generate inquisitiveness among the students. “It is essential for us to explore the world of information and knowledge. We can understand the world around us only by asking questions and looking for their answers,” he said while  asking  the students to use internet to find out the answers of their queries and discuss them with their teachers and peers.

However, at the same time, he warned the students against taking things from the internet without proper verification.

There should be proper use of internet today.

While dwelling on the differences between knowledge and information, he said that information answers the “what”  and “who” while knowledge tells us the “how” of things.

He also awarded consolation prizes and certificates to the runner- ups. Uttarakhand Technical University, Uttarakhand Medical Education University and Uttarakhand Ayurved University won the second, third and fourth prize respectively. Among others present on the occasion were Dr U S Rawat, vice-chancellor, Uttarakhand Technical University, Dr C S Nautiyal, vice- chancellor, Doon University, Dr  H S Dhami, vice-chancellor, Uttarakhand Residential University, Dr Anita Rawat, registrar, UTU and Prof H C Purohit, acting registrar, Doon University.

The Governor in his address further said that taking part in such events enhanced the confidence of  the students which helps them achieve success in their careers.

“When competitions are held in universities and colleges an atmosphere of positivity and enthusiasm is created and it gives rise to healthy competition,” he said and suggested  an All India Quiz competition be organised in which students of other states can participate.

Doon University won with 85 points while UTU was second with 75 points and HNB Medical Education university finished third.




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